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Jaisalmer – Golden City

JAISALMER Jaisalmer, the Golden city with the exquisite view of Thar Desert which was once a sleepy deserted land and now this city has transformed to a major Desert tourist destination in Rajasthan, India. The Golden Fort has become the major landmark of Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer city is filled with multi colors, wide spread sand… Read more »

Jodhpur – Sun City

Jodhpur with its ultimate charm impresses the people from all over the world. Today this city has become one of the most interesting and famous travel destinations for the people all over the world. The palaces and fort of Jodhpur attracts the people from all over the world for the purpose of touring and travel…. Read more »

Jaipur – Pink City

The beauty and charm of the Jaipur city has been the big boom to the people to discover the ethnic beauty of pink city. The forts and palaces, the ancient building structures, monuments and temples make the people to experience a newer feel in traveling. Jaipur is one among the top city in providing the… Read more »

Udaipur – Lake City

A beautiful and romantic city where the income of people has improved drastically. Udaipur is full of beautiful lakes, which make people irresistible to spend some quality time. The three famous lakes in Udaipur are Pichhola, Fatehsagar and Udaisagar. HISTORY OF UDAIPUR Udaipur known as the jewel of Mewar and it is a romantic city…. Read more »