The Best Things To Do In Rajasthan – The Crowning Glory Of India

Rajasthan is like the majestic crown of India and this article focuses on the major things to do in Rajasthan by any person visiting the place to get a fulfilling experience.
Zip lining or the Flying Fox:
Zip lining is the newest sport gaining popularity and Rajasthan has adopted this sport in its tourism packages so that people get a taste of this sport in a safe and structured environment. Zip lining involves “hopping from cliff to another”. Flying fox is another name for this thrilling sport. This sport enables a person to get the best views of the Forts and other structures of Rajasthan from the sky but it is not for the faint hearted.The Neemrana Fort and the Mehrangarh Fortallow this sport as a recreational activity to tourists.
Take a safari:
The best safaris are to be experienced in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is home to several National parks like the Ranthambore national park, Desert National park, Sariska tiger Reserve, Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary etc. are world famous for their flora and fauna and these places offer safaris for the enjoyment of tourists.

Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan:

Jaipur, Ranthambore and Pushkar offer this recreational sport that is extremely popular among tourists. The experience is a gripping yet tremendously exciting one and often found in the itinerary of royal Rajasthan tour packages or special Rajasthan tours.

Visit the Abhaneri and Chand Baori step wells:

This village was first named “Abha Nagri” which means the “City of Darkness”.It is most famous for this step well which was used by the villages as a method of water harvesting. The Chand Baori is yet another step well that is known world over for its delicate architecture and beautiful carvings. This Chand Baori step well is located close to the Harshat Mata temple. This temple is supposed to be a temple for happiness and joy and many people visit the temple for this very purpose.

Dera Amer:

The Dera Amer is a place that many associate with elephants. This place is located behind the hills of the Amer Fort and is the crown of adventure and recreational activities. The place is exceptionally good for the elephant treks it offers. The experience of travelling on this majestic animal at the time of sun set is an enchanting experience that should never be missed by any person visiting Rajasthan.Rajasthan tours and travels or royal Rajasthan tour packages offer several packages including this activity.

Kite festival:

Jaipur is most famous for the most number of fairs and festivals it hosts every year. One among them is the world famous kite festival. This kite festival is held for some religious purpose and people pray to the Sun God on this day and fly kites. The Government usually declares this day to be a holiday so that all people can participate in the festivities. is a web site that offers Rajasthan travel packages and golden triangle trips to people who wish to get a taste of ethnic Rajasthan.


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